Wellness @ Work

Wellness Programs @ Work are Designed to Evolve.

Consider Starting a small wellness program if one doesn’t already exist.

If you are a leader in the company, your team will follow in your footsteps. Be sure to participate.

Friendly Competition, i.e., Fitness challenges are tons of fun! Field days, 5K runs, lunch time walks, climbing the stairs at break time, weight loss competitions, transformation challenges are amazing ways to boost moral and increase healthy energy and get employees moving.

In the wellness world, peer pressure is perfectly fine! When other co-workers are working out during lunch hours, it can inspire others to do the same. Accountability partners are made instantly. When one person begins to see small shifts in their ability, and progress in their physique, others will naturally be motivated to see a shift in themselves.

Nutrition on the other hand falls in its own category. (see below to learn more about a free consultation)

Reduced healthcare costs and increased employee engagement are highly likely following the implementation of wellness programs.

Additionally, think about the personal benefits of becoming the best version of yourself!! Soto Strategies, Inc. – The “I Deserve Movement” offers many solutions for Clarity, Wellness and Nutrition.

Call for a free consultation. Kelly Soto, 347-743-3454. kellysotoproject.com and kellysoto.com

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