Corporate Professional Turns Entrepreneur; 12 Healthy Habits That Will Transform Your Life!

As I began the transition from the corporate world to now fulltime mother and entrepreneur, slowly I realized 1) how transferrable my skillset was 2) how important mindset shift and adopting healthy habits truly are!

If you’ve done your fair share of climbing the corporate ladder, and have yet to climb your own internal ladder, it is never too late!  So, what can you do to begin to see a shift?

Today, I share with you – 12 Healthy Habits you can begin today to transform your life:

1)      Uncover who you really are and what brings you joy. How can your story benefit others? Your story is yours to share!

 2)      Focus on Positive Vibes. If your surroundings have been touched by toxic people, toxic thoughts and toxic environments, the ego, etc., learn to let go of the people, places and things that are no longer serving you.

3)      Waking up early can set the stage for extremely productive days. There is so much you can accomplish from 5-7am. Naturally, this would mean turning in earlier than normal.

 4)      Focus and commit! Form and stick to a strict daily routine. Increase your standard for activity and you will notice your production levels also improving.

 5)      When things don’t go as planned, learn to see the positive in the situation. When Life Happens for you, you begin to realize your path is redirecting you to your purpose.  Embrace and have faith that everything is going as planned.

 6)      Appreciate the journey. It is tough for most goal oriented people to enjoy the moment while we are in it. The journey is meant to be appreciated and learned from. Live in the moment! 

7)      Fail Fast!! Fail Forward!! Have you ever noticed that every failure leads you to something special?

 8)      Don’t get caught up in the glitz and glamour. Entrepreneurship and rebuilding success is never as sexy as it appears. It is easy to get caught up in the shiny things… choose wisely. Training, coaching, business enhancements and personal development are all essential but don’t forget the most essential part, DOING THE WORK!

9)      Be and stay organized!

10)  Be and stay committed!

11)  Learn the art of saying no! Don’t overcommit.

12)  Set realistic but outrageous goals.