Ithalia V., Carteret, NJ

Kelly has sharpened my awareness to a healthy lifestyle and always encourages new actions in myself and other members of her team. She helps to enhance our health and transforms our lives for the better.  She believes in herself and this guides her communicate her experiences, so that people listen. She has increased my acceptance, reduced my stress and that makes me feel like a million bucks.

Ann F., Pequanack, NJ

Thank you for introducing me to a happier and healthier lifestyle. I have always been one to battle with my weight and suffering from hypothyroidism does not make it any easier. However with you by my side as a coach and the help of nutritional cleansing, I feel great. I finally lost 18 lbs. and my Dr. has noticed a difference with my bloodwork.  I am grateful for what you do and how you are always there to support and encourage myself and others! Thank you!!!

Lauren G., East Brunswick, NJ

Kelly is one of the most positive, inspiring, and down to earth people I know. She always tries to help with a solution to help someone in need, whether it be through health, fitness, or personally. She is a true believer in taking a bad situation and making it better. I am proud to call her my family and have looked to her for guidance and advice through many types of situations! She never gives up!!! You never seize to amaze me little cousin! Love you!!!

Willie G., Bayonne, NJ

I would like to take some time out of my busy schedule and personally thank Kelly Soto for her steadfastness approach to my health and well being, be it nutrition, or just lending a sympathetic ear.  My weight loss and/or maintenance was achieved much more fluidly with the help, effort, knowledge and enigmatic mannerisms of Kel.  I’ve always strived to look and feel my very best but had no idea that another individual felt the same towards me.  She’s constantly checking in on my progress and knows when to give me space to learn on my own.  Thank you Kelly for playing such a pivotal role and truly inspiring me to be the best I can be.  Yours truly!

Christine O., Staten Island, NY

Kelly is a true motivator who walks the walk in everything she does.  She has set out to inspire people to get their heads and their bodies working together and to never settle for less than they deserve.  And she delivers!  Whether you are looking for motivation, a chance to start over, or tailored health coaching, she does an amazing job where every client is treated like her only client.

Gabby V., Staten Island, NY

Kelly is a living example of how it’s possible to have it all! The loving family, the budding business, and optimal health and wellness. I have had the pleasure of working closely with Kelly as partners in our health and wellness company. Kelly demonstrate a “CAN DO” attitude at all times when working with her clients and associates. I feel blessed to call her my friend and business partner.

Peter R., Hackensack, NJ

Kelly Soto is a true professional.  I have known Kelly for over 19 years and recently had her come by insurance agency to deliver some of her content to my team and myself.  She has such genuine passion for helping people and brings great energy and experience.  My team and I were really very impressed! If you are looking for someone to bring great Health & Wellness along with incredible Business Acumen ideas to you or your business Kelly is the one to choose!