Who is Kelly Soto?

Meet the Founder

Like most of us, Kelly looked like she had it all together – she was Super Woman. She could seemingly take on everything without even breaking a sweat. But unfortunately, we all know that it’s not completely realistic to be able to do EVERYTHING that life throws at us. Life happens, and without the proper tools, trying to accomplish everything turns to overwhelm and overwhelm turns into chaos.

Kelly has not only broken through the chaos, started overcoming the many obstacles in her way – she has become organized, gained clarity, and ultimately, she has become more confident and intends to share her successful strategies with women looking to find their authentic selves!

Kelly’s Journey

 kellys-4-273x300My story has always been considered a success, but I always knew in my heart that I had so much potential to grow. I’ve always been proud to have worked my way out of poverty. I was brought up in a single family home, lost my mother at the age of 18 due to heart health and obesity, became a teenage mother at the age of 19 and was forced to raise my daughter as a single mother for 10 years until meeting my wonderful husband, the man of my dreams. In our 3rd year of marriage, Rani was diagnosed with cancer. We fought and won the battle! Thank the Lord; he has been in remission for 5 years as of April 2016. My nutritional cleansing network marketing business has been a gift of health and personal development to my entire family – I just want to share it with the world!  


After losing a multiple 6 figure income and my 10 year position (18 years in Financial Services) in November 2015, I knew I needed to make changes in order to 1) become a top notch candidate for my next position 2) accelerate my business to be able to officially live a life of financial freedom and share this opportunity with the world! 3) Embrace being a stay at home mom even if it is short-lived.


Becoming unemployed forced me to brainstorm and identify my place in this world!  It was during this time that I had my “aha moment.” This came about once I transformed my home office and sat down to think about all of the steps I’ve made in my life to become a success.

I’m finally allowing myself to see the vision, expressing gratitude, opening my eyes to this abundant life full of so many wonderful possibilities.  

kelly-2-300x300Welcome the Kelly who is not afraid to ask for what she wants, who knows that when she puts her mind to it, she can do anything, who has a plan and a vision and will do anything to obtain it. My office has gotten more cozy, my husband and children have gotten more involved, I’m celebrating all victories, big and small, I’m finding my rhythm, I’m making so many wonderful connections, my schedule is more organized and I’m welcoming abundance into my world. It’s been a driving force of the newfound me. I never knew it would lead me to so many wonderful possibilities. It has taught me how to live, how to better myself, how to motivate and inspire others, how to enhance my lifestyle. It has given me a network of amazing, supportive, like-minded people. I’m now more confident Kelly!

Today, I’m an accomplished entrepreneur, a graduate of Rising Tide Academy’s Small Business Academy, a Certified Yoga Instructor, a self-love junkie, an accomplished runner, a wellness events coordinator, a motivational speaker, a nutritional cleansing and business development coach. 

Today, I am grateful for growth and I’m grateful to “Whomever moved my cheese”.  

This is not my destination, but truly my journey!!